To Kneel Or To Stand, Good Grief!


…This topic, although it has been deflated a bit: NFL Commish and the President seems to have other front running items on their agenda, is another testament of consumer division. Military personnel and civilians alike have contrasting views on the subject. The game itself, for this reason alone, has been degraded referencing attendance in the stands and digitally. Remember the time we actually listened to the American Anthem to see and hear the voice of the singer. Whitney Houston, Super Bowl XXV (1991) comes to mind as one of the most memorable anthems ever. Yet, today, and for some time now, our anthem has been the linked with political dissension. Understanding that the proposed reasoning for this action is aimed at bringing an acute awareness of social injustice, this conversation has been linked to a degradation of the American flag.

As a 20 year Military Veteran, I served voluntarily with pride, confidence, having and maintaining the assurance that the United States of America is the front runner of freedom in this world of ours. I have been to countries that proclaim of having Democracy but, it seems to have an asterisk associated with it. Countries that have so less resources than we, have many residents, by any means necessary, attempt and succeed in entering our country illegally seeking freedom. To be unjustly victimized by the a local or national protection agency that exits in a land that proclaims freedom for all warrants awareness.

Its been about two years since the kneeling began. It has taken on national criticism from all walks of life. Recently, a well known sportscaster added to the many alternatives of NFL players voicing and showing their protest, is to take the matter to the doorsteps of the White House, literally. He added that the players have a day or two a week of days off and that if the people would see bodies of their favorite NFL players at the doorsteps of the White House, the impact would be the same, if not better.

Opinions vary on this subject. It’s been said that when a man sticks to his word, that man has gained respect. Veterans have fought and died for this noun called freedom, here in our country. Freedom is promised for all walks of life. It’s the word that’s be given to it’s citizens since the beginning of our country, and yet, selected citizens never really experience the freedom in it’s entirety, not due to a fault of their own.

Kneeling at NFL games? I’m glad that it happened and that socially, Americans and whomever this awareness has “re-enlightened”, have a current mindset of this matter. Protesting social injustice is nothing new. Using football as it’s latest protesting platform have served it’s purpose. I agree with the sportscaster. What are your thoughts?




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