HYDRATION is the Key.

10K runs, Marathons, trying to catch a speeding Taxi, bicycling, you name it. HYDRATION is the key. If our bodies aren’t prepared, we missed that cab, we’re walking the bike, and as for the Marathon, a seat at the nearby coffeeshop, about two minutes into the run, is occupied. Of course, along with hydrating the body there are other important factors as well: fat and proteins, carbohydrates, and calorie intake. All these levels and measurements are critical in determining the results of the race.

Staying up most of the early morning knowing that there’s a physical training test at 0600 hours? I guess the thought was that any kind of liquid would Pre-Hydrate the body. No! Well, I’ve know some guys that did that. But the normal human population wouldn’t even hit the alarm clock. Get adequate rest, drink “proper” liquids, around 16 ounces an hour before the run and about five ounces just before the run. We sweat water out fast, so we have to maintain hydration while we run.

There are calculations for determining fluid consumptions during the run.                   Good luck with that! But really, if you’re that into it, you have probably won a few 10Ks, Marathons or another kind of sweat provoking activity. Just make sure that the calculations you come up with are specific to you body: hello-o-o-o search engines…

Don’t think that water consumption ceases after the run is over. Yes, there’s a calculation for that to.

Muscles are energized, food is digested better, our skin even looks better. You’ve probably figured it out already, that water is second to oxygen as being the most important nutrients in the human body. Water goes far beyond this physical activity of running. Having the knowledge that without water our bodies would literally shutdown: this alone should be an incentive for hydration preparation.

So when you see humans running races on television, don’t think that you can just go to the store and get the latest shorts and shoes and get out there in eighty degree weather with a water bottle in your hand that’s still full. Think this through! Because what you bring to the table will determine Your outcome. Hydration is the key…


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