Remember the commercial that puts the person in an awkward situation, then the thought of wanting to get away seems like a great idea. Hiking! Be it within a group or alone it’s really a great way of getting away. The peacefulness of gazing into perpetual nature seems to provide just what one needs in getting back to the rat race.

What’s so peaceful about walking an absurd distance that you’d probably never thought about walking, ever! We climb ascending trails into a world that we hadn’t done any research on, then encounter a small innocent looking creature with a smile saying, “he’s so-o-o cute”. This cutey is the offspring of a mountain lion, probably a cougar, that wandered off. Prior to your planned excursion, you’re turning the channels as you flip through the cable guide, bypassing a piece on big cats. So you missed vital information about the kitten’ mother, who is “ambush predatory”, and she’s probably starring at you right now.

But, all this doesn’t matter. When you finally finished that lengthy report, wrapped up the case of the idiot who jumped off a two story building onto a couple of people and was found not guilty, put your mother-in-law on a plane after she spent two weeks in your guest bedroom, you are ready to go! The National Park could have brown bears in the parking lot, you would not care. The only thing on your mind is to walk that trail in your brand new hiking apparel, as you try out your compass, for the first time, breathe in the untainted air, and cast your eyes on nature that is pure and undisturbed.

Hiking is, to some people, like swimming. A sense of freedom comes over you. Running fits this category also. Be careful and for all the loners out there, plan this trip with at least three to four people for safety reasons. Get to know the area that you are going to and by all means, know how to administer first aid. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

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