Fitness: A Mindset

Do you think that its easier for someone to get back into shape or to target a specific category within the fitness family without having some type of continued fitness history?

Let’s take a look.

As far as I can remember, my brother and I would see who could do the most push-ups before mom ran us off to take a bath before bedtime. We both participated in sandlot football games in the back of the church, our Dad’s church. My brother was the quarterback. I was the wide receiver. In baseball, he was the pitcher, I was the catcher. We both played basketball, don’t remember running any track other than during a PE class in high school. My brother went on to be a Pharmacist, me, while active duty Navy, I continue my athletic prowess in football, basketball, softball, boxing, and of course, weight lifting. Even after retiring from the service, my fitness interest never faded. From the looks of my brother’s physique, he continued his fitness program as well.

No matter what our ages are we still have a craving for physical fitness. Of course, there are excersizes that I don’t participate in anymore due to an inherited or an acquired physical restriction. But, there is an alternative for almost anything. When I went to a physical therapist due to a joint or muscle ailment, the therapist built up my strength in that concerned body¬† area by having me participate in stretches and other excersizes that I’d watch the weaker guys do at the gym while in the Navy. I no longer think that they were weak anymore. These excersizes with the resistive bands, and the pulleys with an amount of pounds of resistance gave me a burn as if I’d been slinging iron.

As I target a certain body part, I can’t help but to think that its easier to get positive results since I have a history of physical fitness.

It’s obvious that folks who haven’t lifted a dumbbell, who hadn’t ran around the block, let alone run a number of miles, are doing quite well in their fitness programs.

The thing to remember is to bring to the table a well oiled body. By this I mean a nutritiously healthy body. By doing this, your excersize recovery period will be short lived allowing you to progress more rapidly.

Desire is 75% leaving only 25% to sweat. And when you have a better workout than the one before, drink a beer for me.


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