Imagine being drafted round 1, 16th overall in the NFL having a NCAA division I reputation of being an offensive and special teams speed burner. The Miami Hurricanes football program has produced numerous top tier talent going to the professional ranks and in 2001 the New York Jets were licking their chops when they drafted Santana Moss.

Week 4 gives us our 5th installment of what has been the sneakiest rivalry in the NFL over the past decade. Yes, I’m talking about Lions vs. Cowboys, a series where the sub-plots run deep and a close game is always in store. Let’s start where it all began, a week 4 game back in […]

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…This topic, although it has been deflated a bit: NFL Commish and the President seems to have other front running items on their agenda, is another testament of consumer division. Military personnel and civilians alike have contrasting views on the subject. The game itself, for this reason alone, has been degraded referencing attendance in the stands and digitally. Remember the time we actually listened to the American Anthem to see and hear the voice of the singer. Whitney Houston, Super Bowl XXV (1991) comes to mind as one of the most memorable anthems ever. Yet, today, and for some time now, our anthem has been the linked with political dissension. Understanding that the proposed reasoning for this action is aimed at bringing an acute awareness of social injustice, this conversation has been linked to a degradation of the American flag.